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Estimation of Maximum <i>zT</i> in Cu<sub>3</sub>SbSe<sub>4</sub> for Different Starting Materials Content
시작물질 농도 제어에 따른 Cu3SbSe4 열전소재의 최대 열전성능지수 예측
Minkyu Lee, Seong-Mee Hwang, Se Jun Kim, Won-Seon Seo, Sang-il Kim, Hyun-Sik Kim
이민규, 황성미, 김세준, 서원선, 김상일, 김현식
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(6):487-493.   Published online 2024 May 31
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.6.487

Cu3SbSe4 is considered a promising thermoelectric material because of its large effective mass and low thermal conductivity, originating from its unique lattice structure. However, Cu3SbSe4 has intrinsically low carrier concentration and relatively high electric resistance which limit performance. Recently, a zT improvement in Cu3SbSe4 was reported where doping/precipitation is controlled..... More

Thermoelectric Chalcostibite: Solid-State Synthesis and Thermal Properties
Dong Hwi Kim, Sang Yun, Il-Ho Kim
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(6):480-486.   Published online 2024 May 31
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.6.480

In this study, thermoelectric chalcostibite (CuSbS2) compounds were fabricated using mechanical alloying (MA) and hot pressing (HP), and phase identification, microstructural observation, and thermal analysis were conducted. The thermal properties were then measured and compared with those of other Cu–Sb–S ternary compounds synthesized by the same solid-state process, namely, skinnerite..... More

Development of Ternary Layered Double Hydroxide Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalyst for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis
음이온교환막 수전해를 위한 3원계 층상 이중 수산화물 산소 발생 반응 촉매 개발
Shin-Woo Myeong, Song Jin, Chiho Kim, Jooyoung Lee, Yangdo Kim, Sung Mook Choi
명신우, 진송, 김치호, 이주영, 김양도, 최승목
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(6):472-479.   Published online 2024 May 31
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.6.472

To achieve net zero emissions, green hydrogen should be produced via water electrolysis with renewable energy. To develop efficient anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers (AEMWE), the development of efficient and stable non-precious metal electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is essential. In this study, a high-performance ternary NiFeCo-layer double..... More

Sintering Behavior and Thermal Properties of Cu-Graphite Materials by a Spark Plasma Sintering Method
방전플라즈마소결법을 이용한 구리-흑연 재료의 소결거동 및 열적 특성 평가
Min-hyeok Yang, Bum-soon Park, Hyoung-seok Moon, Jae-cheol Park, Hyun-kuk Park
양민혁, 박범순, 문형석, 박재철, 박현국
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(6):411-418.   Published online 2024 May 31
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.6.411

The use of heat dissipation materials in various field such as power semiconductor device, LED and microelectronic system. Therefore, there is a need for heat dissipation materials using copper (Cu) and graphite (Gr). These materials have high thermal conductivity. In particular, graphite has high thermal stability with a low coefficient..... More

Effects of Superheating Treatment on the Microstructure, Tensile and Thermal Conductivity Properties of Fe-Bearing Al-10Si-Mg Casting Alloy
Fe 함유 Al-10Si-Mg 주조 합금의 미세조직, 인장 및 열전도도 특성에 미치는 과열 처리의 효과
Jin-Hyeok Jang, Tae-Hoon Kang, Kwang-jun Euh, Young-Hee Cho, Kee-Ahn Lee
장진혁, 강태훈, 어광준, 조영희, 이기안
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):402-410.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.402

In this study, we designed and manufactured a new Fe-bearing Al-10Si-Mg casting alloy (F alloy) and investigated its microstructure, mechanical properties, and thermal conductivity. Two types of Fe-bearing Al-10Si-Mg alloys were used: the Conventional-F alloy, injected at 720 ℃ and cooled by water quenching, and the Superheated-F alloy, heated to..... More

An Examination of Bronze Vessel Technology in the Unified Silla Period: Case Study on the Bronzes Excavated from Gwanbuk-ri Site in Buyeo
통일신라 청동용기류의 제작기술 고찰: 부여 관북리 백제유적 출토 유물을 중심으로
So Jin Kim, Woo Rin Han, Young Do Kim
김소진, 한우림, 김영도
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):393-401.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.393

Archaeological excavations in Buyeo had revealed Bronze vessels interred within a hole in the building at the Gwanbuk-ri site. These bronze vessels are dated to the Unified silla period (9-10th centuries). To identify the bronze vessels’ manufacturing technology, metallurgical analyses were carried out using Optical Microscopy, SEM-EDS and EPMA. The..... More

Friction and Wear Behavior of Selective Laser Melted Ti6Al4V-Equine Bone Nanocomposites
선택적 레이저 용융 Ti6Al4V-Equine Bone 나노 복합재료의 마찰 및 마모 특성
Se-Hee Kim, Su-Hyun Bae, Sang-Bae Park, Hoon Seonwoo, Se-Eun Shin
김세희, 배수현, 박상배, 선우훈, 신세은
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):351-359.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.351

Ti6Al4V is commonly used in implants because of its excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. While Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is typically used for strong biological bonding between Ti6Al4V implants and bone tissue, this study takes a different approach by incorporating Equine Bone (EB), which has a chemical structure similar to..... More

Preparation of W-Ni-Cu Alloy Powder by Hydrogen Reduction of Metal Oxides
금속산화물 분말의 수소환원에 의한 W-Ni-Cu 합금분말의 합성
Youn Ji Heo, Eui Seon Lee, Ji Won Choi, Jongmin Byun, Sung-Tag Oh
허연지, 이의선, 최지원, 변종민, 오승탁
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):334-339.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.334

The effect of powder processing on the microstructure and sinterability of the heavy alloy W-Ni-Cu was investigated. The heavy alloy powders were prepared by the ball milling and hydrogen reduction of metal oxide powders. As the milling time increased, the size of the powder mixture decreased and at 5 h..... More

Notched Tensile Fracture of a Fe-15Mn-0.6C-2Al Twinning Induced Plasticity Steel at Room Temperature
Fe-15Mn-0.6C-2Al 쌍정유기소성강의 상온 노치 인장파괴 거동
Sang Hyup Yoo, Ki-Chae Chung, Hee-Beom Moon, Kyung Hoon Lee, Kyung-Tae Park
유상협, 정기채, 문희범, 이경훈, 박경태
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):325-333.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.325

The tensile fracture behavior of an Al-bearing TWIP steel was investigated by conducting a series of tensile tests on smooth and notched specimens with different notch geometries, focusing on the effects of evolution of the stress triaxiality and the effective strain during deformation. The flow curve and digital image correlation..... More

Improvement in the Hydrogen-Storage Properties of Mg<sub>2</sub>Ni by Adding LiBH<sub>4</sub>
Young Jun Kwak, Myoung Youp Song, Ki-Tae Lee
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(4):299-305.   Published online 2024 Mar 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.4.299

To improve the hydrogen-storage properties of Mg2Ni, LiBH4 was added by milling in hydrogen atmosphere (reactive mechanical milling, RMM). Mg2Ni-10LiBH4 was prepared with a composition of 90 wt% Mg2Ni + 10 wt% LiBH4. The quantity of released hydrogen (Hr) versus temperature T curve for Mg2Ni10LiBH4 was obtained by heating at..... More

A Study on the Treatment and Recovery of Sodium Sulfate (Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>) Generated When Recovering Valuable Metals (Ni, Co, Mn, Li) from Waste Lithium Ion Batteries(LIBs)
폐리튬배터리(LIBs)에서 유가금속(Ni, Co, Mn, Li) 회수 시 발생하는 황산나트륨의 처리 및 회수 연구
Yeonchul Cho, Minhyuk Seo, Youngjae Lee, Jaewoo Ahn
조연철, 서민혁, 이영재, 안재우
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(4):275-283.   Published online 2024 Mar 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.4.275

Concerns have arisen regarding the high concentrations of sodium sulfate in wastewater resulting from the waste Li-ion battery wet recycling process. In addressing this issue, Bipolar electrodialysis was employed to desalinate high-concentration sodium sulfate and recover it as sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. The investigation encompassed various experimental variables, such..... More

Research Progress in Nano Materials and Structural Designs for Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors
유연 압저항 센서에 적용되는 나노 소재 및 구조 설계에 대한 최신 연구 동향
Yeoul Kang, Jung Woo Lee
강여울, 이정우
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(3):239-249.   Published online 2024 Feb 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.3.239

This review provides an overview of recent advances in the materials and structural design of flexible piezoresistive sensors, which are of significant interest as smart devices in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Recent research has focused on addressing demand for a wide pressure range and high sensitivity for use in diverse..... More

Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TiAl/HI-TEMP 820/ SCM440H Materials Manufactured through Vacuum Brazing according to Process Temperature
진공 브레이징을 통해 제조한 TiAl/HI-TEMP 820/SCM440H 재료의 공정 온도에 따른 미세조직 및 기계적 특성 평가
Sang-Kyu Yoo, Ji-Won Kim, Cho-Long Lee, Myung-Hoon Oh, In-Chul Choi
유상규, 김지원, 이초롱, 오명훈, 최인철
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(3):229-238.   Published online 2024 Feb 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.3.229

The TiAl alloy is attracting attention as a lightweight and heat-resistant material, because of its high specific strength, excellent high-temperature formability, and fatigue strength. However, its applications are limited by its high unit price and low room temperature ductility. To overcome this issue, dissimilarly bonded materials have been extensively employed...... More

Simulation Study of Interfacial Switching Memristor Structure and Neural Network Performance
계면 스위칭 멤리스터 소자 구조와 신경망 회로 성능에 대한 시뮬레이션 연구
Yun Hyeok Song, Ji Min Lim, Sagar Khot, Dongmyung Jung, Yongwoo Kwon
송윤혁, 임지민, Sagar Khot, 정동명, 권용우
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(3):212-221.   Published online 2024 Feb 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.3.212

In this study, the architecture of an interfacial switching memristor, which has a metal-insulatormetal structure of Pt/SrTiO3/Nb-SrTiO3 was investigated. The performance of a neural network that uses memristors as its synapse components was also examined with system-level simulations. A finite element solver, COMSOL Multiphysics, was used to simulate synaptic device..... More

A Short Review of Recent Trends in Photovoltaics Research Using Van-der Waals Materials
반데르발스 소재 기반의 태양전지 적용에 관한 최신 연구동향 리뷰
Hyeong Gi Park, Jae-Hyun Lee, Keun Heo
박형기, 이재현, 허근
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(2):154-161.   Published online 2024 Jan 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.2.154

In recent years, the exploration of van der Waals materials has taken center stage in the field of advanced materials research. Studies have delved deeply into the multifaceted characteristics of these materials, and in particular their potential applications in solar cell technology. Van der Waals materials, named after the unique..... More

Recent Research Trends for Metal Oxide Nanostructures Based Chemoresistive Gas Sensors
금속산화물 나노구조체를 이용한 화학저항식 가스센서의 최신 연구동향
Jae-Kwon Ko, In-Hyeok Park, Young-Seok Shim, Kootak Hong, Ki Chang Kwon
고재권, 박인혁, 심영석, 홍구택, 권기창
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(2):142-153.   Published online 2024 Jan 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.2.142

In the modern era, advanced industrial and process technologies in various fields are known to produce harmful gases. These gases typically leak at low concentrations, but continuous exposure can cause serious harm to health and safety. Since human sensory organs cannot detect these risks or leaking hazardous gases, there has..... More

Simultaneous Removal of Gas-Phase Pollutants CO and NO Using Ni-Fe Bimetallic Oxides Catalyst
Ni-Fe bimetallic oxides 촉매의 CO, NO 가스상 오염물질 동시저감 특성
Woon-Gi Kim, Jae-Il Jung, Myeung-Jin Lee, Bora Jeong, Bora Ye, Heesoo Lee, Hong-Dae Kim
김운기, 정재일, 이명진, 정보라, 예보라, 이희수, 김홍대
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(2):115-124.   Published online 2024 Jan 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.2.115

Many studies have been conducted on methods to remove air pollutants. Among them, a representative commercial technology for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOX) is selective catalytic reduction (SCR) using NH3 as a reductant. However, the NH3-SCR technology has problems, such as the need for additional NH3 gas (Active-SCR), the fact that..... More

Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of p/n PbSe Diodes
p/n PbSe 다이오드의 제조 및 전기적 특성 평가
Sukho Hwangbo, Jewon Lee
황보석호, 이제원
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(2):94-105.   Published online 2024 Jan 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.2.94

Lead selenide (PbSe) diodes were fabricated using a magnetron sputtering process system with a pulsed DC power supply and a 2-inch PbSe target with a purity of 5N. For p-type PbSe thin films, the process variable was the oxygen ratio in the mixed gas of argon and oxygen. The electrical..... More

Effect of High-Power Laser Cleaning for Surface Contaminants Removal on SS304L
SS304L 표면 오염물질 제거를 위한 고출력 레이저 클리닝 영향 분석
Soojin Choi, Hyun Jong Yoo, Jiyeon Choi, Jiwhan Noh, Heeshin Kang, Sanghoon Ahn, Junsu Park, Philgong Choi, Dohyun Kim, Yeonggyu Kim, Byeongju Kim, Ikgeun Jeon, Jeng O Kim, Hyonkee Sohn, Kyunghan Kim, Changkyoo Park
최수진, 유현종, 최지연, 노지환, 강희신, 안상훈, 박준수, 최필공, 김도현, 김영규, 김병주, 전익근, 김정오, 손현기, 김경한, 박창규
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(2):73-80.   Published online 2024 Jan 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.2.73

In this study, artificially formed corrosion and paint layers on 304L stainless steel (SS304L) specimen were removed using a kilowatt level high-power Nd:YAG laser. A laser power of 1140 W and a pulse duration of 89 ns were used for the corrosion removal, and a laser power of 850 W..... More

Material Selection: Material Perception Data Analysis Using Clustering Analysis and Association Rule Analysis of Data Mining
재료선택: 데이터 마이닝의 군집분석과 연관규칙분석을 이용한 재료지각 데이터 분석
Jaeho Choi
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(1):65-72.   Published online 2023 Dec 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.1.65

To select materials suitable for products, material perception, which is the feeling consumers have about materials, has been studied. Material perception data were obtained through surveys using digital logic for bipolar adjective pairs. The material perception data were analyzed through unsupervised learning of data mining. Prior to data analysis, to..... More

Diagnosis of Mechanoluminescent Crack Based on Double Deep Learning in Al 7075
이중 인공지능을 이용한 Al 7075 합금에서의 압광 균열 진단 연구
Tae O Park, Youn Woo Shin, Seung Hwan Lee, Pius Jwa, Yong Nam Kwon, Suman Timilsina, Seong Min Jang, Chul Woo Jo, Ji Sik Kim
박태오, 신윤우, 이승환, 좌비오, 권용남, Suman Timilsina, 장성민, 조철우, 김지식
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(12):958-964.   Published online 2023 Nov 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.12.958

The phenomenon of mechanoluminescence (ML) refers to the emission of light induced by mechanical stimulation applied to mechano-optical materials for example SrAl2O3:Eu,Dy (SAO). Numerous technologies on the basis of ML have been presented to visualize the stress or strain in various structures for the applications including structural health monitoring. As..... More

Tensile and Fatigue Properties of WC-20 wt%Co Cemented Carbides under Microstructural Variations
WC-20wt%Co 초경 합금의 미세 조직 변화에 따른 인장 및 피로 성질
Gue Serb Cho, Kyung Il Kim, Wooram Noh
조규섭, 김경일, 노우람
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(12):933-942.   Published online 2023 Nov 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.12.933

WC-Co cemented carbide has excellent mechanical properties and is widely used in many industrial applications including cold forging dies and cutting tools. The tensile and fatigue properties of WC-20wt%Co cemented carbides with microstructural variations were investigated. Microstructure parameters such as Co binder content, WC particle size, binder mean free path,..... More

Estimation of the Highest Thermoelectric Performance of the Bi-Doped SnTe at Room Temperature
Bi 도핑에 따른 SnTe의 상온 최대 열전성능지수 예측
Joonha Lee, Hyunjin Park, Jeong-Yeon Kim, Won-Seon Seo, Heesun Yang, Umut Aydemir, Se Yun Kim, Weon Ho Shin, Hyun-Sik Kim
이준하, 박현진, 김정연, 서원선, 양희선, Umut Aydemir, 김세윤, 신원호, 김현식
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(12):915-922.   Published online 2023 Nov 30
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.12.915

SnTe has drawn much attention due to its Pb-free composition along with tunable electronic and lattice structures. However, its intrinsically high defect concentration and high lattice thermal conductivity (κ1) have hindered its application in devices. Recently, Bi doping at Sn-sites in Sn1-xBixTe (x = 0.0 – 0.08) has been demonstrated..... More

Predicting the Hardness of Al-Sc-X Alloys with Machine Learning Models, Explainable Artificial Intelligence Analysis and Inverse Design
설명 가능한 인공지능으로 해석한 Al-Sc-X 합금의 경도 예측 기계학습 모델과 역설계
Jiwon Park, Su-Hyeon Kim, Jisu Kim, Byung-joo Kim, Hyun-seok Cheon, Chang-Seok Oh
박지원, 김수현, 김지수, 김병주, 천현석, 오창석
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(11):874-882.   Published online 2023 Oct 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.11.874

In this study, the Vickers hardness of precipitation-strengthened Al-Sc-X (X = Zr, Si, and Fe) alloys were predicted using machine learning models, depending on the alloys’ compositions, solid-solution treatment and aging conditions. The data used for machine learning were collected from the literature. Among the models, tree-based ensemble models such..... More

Alleviating the Polysulfide Shuttle Effect by Optimization of 3D Flower-Shaped Vanadium Dioxide for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
이산화바나듐 나노플라워 구조 최적화를 통한 리튬-황 전지의 폴리설파이드 셔틀 효과 완화
Su Hwan Jeong, Hyeon-jun Choi, Sang Jun Lee, Dong Park Lee, Suyoon Eum, San Moon, Jong Hyuk Yun, Joo-Hyung Kim
정수환, 최현준, 이상준, 이동박, 엄수윤, 문산, 윤종혁, 김주형
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(11):849-856.   Published online 2023 Oct 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.11.849

With the rapid development of portable devices and Energy Storage Systems (ESS), secondary batteries with high energy density and high capacity are in great demand. Among various candidates, Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries have been considered for next-generation energy devices given their high theoretical capacity (1675 mAh g-1) and energy density (2500..... More

Comparative Study on the Corrosion Behavior of Materials in Heat Recovery Steam Generators for Combined Cycle Power Plant, Based on Sulfuric Acid Concentrations: Carbon Steels vs. Duplex Stainless Steel (UNS S32205)
복합화력발전 내 배열회수 보일러용 소재(탄소강 계열 및 듀플렉스 스테인리스강(UNS S32205))의 황산농도에 따른 부식거동 비교 연구
Yu Sung Jang, Jin Sung Park, Seung Gab Hong, Sung Jin Kim
장유성, 박진성, 홍승갑, 김성진
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(11):830-841.   Published online 2023 Oct 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.11.830

This study examined the effects of sulfuric acid concentrations on the corrosion behaviors of three types of commercial steels, conventional carbon steel (SA192), sulfuric acid dew resistant steel (S-TEN), and duplex stainless steel (S32205), considered to be potential materials for the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) in combined cycle power..... More

Effect of Ion Flux Variation in DC Magnetron Sputtering on the Deposition of Cubic Boron Nitride Film
DC 마그네트론 스퍼터링에서 입방정 질화붕소 박막의 증착 거동에 미치는 이온 플럭스 변화의 영향
Young-Hwan Choi, Joo-Youl Huh, Young-Joon Baik
최영환, 허주열, 백영준
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(11):824-829.   Published online 2023 Oct 29
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.11.824

Cubic boron nitride (cBN) thin films were deposited using DC magnetron sputtering, and the effect of the ion flux on the deposition behavior and residual stress of the cBN thin films was investigated. To increase the ion flux, the magnetic force ratio of the central/peripheral permanent magnets inserted in the..... More

Piezoresistive Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites with Different Filler Content and Aspect Ratio for Pressure Sensors
압력 센서용 탄소 나노 튜브 폴리머 복합체의 필러 함량과 종횡비에 따른 압저항 특성
Jongchan Yoo, Dong-Young Kim, Dong-Kwan Lee, Kunwoo Nam, Sung-Hoon Park
유종찬, 김동영, 이동관, 남건우, 박성훈
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(10):793-799.   Published online 2023 Sep 25
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.10.793

Polymer composites enriched with conductive fillers hold immense potential for flexible pressure sensors, because of the remarkable piezoresistive effect they possess. Research on polymer composite pressure sensors has been actively ongoing because of their flexibility and high electrical resistance performance. This paper presents a comprehensive comparison of the piezoresistive characteristics..... More

Effects of Process Parameters on the Dimensions and Mechanical Properties of L-DED AISI 316L Stainless Steel
L-DED 공정으로 제조된 AISI 316L 스테인리스 스틸의 적층 형상 및 특성에 미치는 공정 변수의 영향
Jiyoung Park, Hyunji Nam, Qing-Ye Jin, Wookjin Lee
박지영, 남현지, Qing-Ye Jin, 이욱진
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(10):760-771.   Published online 2023 Sep 25
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.10.760

In this study, AISI 316L stainless steels were manufactured by the L-DED process with various laser scanning speeds and laser powers, in order to analyze how volumetric energy density (VED) can affect their final shape, microstructure and mechanical properties. Under various VED conditions, it was found that a higher VED..... More

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Effect of Strain Rate on Deformation Behaviors of Ti-12.1Mo -1Fe Metastable Beta Alloy
Ti-12.1Mo-1Fe 준안정 베타 합금의 변형 거동에 대한 변형률 속도의 영향
In Kyeong Jin, Dong-Geun Lee
진인경, 이동근
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2023;61(10):741-747.   Published online 2023 Sep 25
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2023.61.10.741

The addition of expensive elements to β titanium alloys, which are widely used in the aerospace and automobile industries, causes their price to increase. Low-cost, high-strength alloy (Ti-12.1Mo-1.0Fe) was designed in this study and the compressive behaviors of this alloy were evaluated for application to automobile parts, etc. As a..... More

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