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Research Papers
325 Notched Tensile Fracture of a Fe-15Mn-0.6C-2Al Twinning Induced Plasticity Steel at Room Temperature
Fe-15Mn-0.6C-2Al 쌍정유기소성강의 상온 노치 인장파괴 거동
Sang Hyup Yoo, Ki-Chae Chung, Hee-Beom Moon, Kyung Hoon Lee, Kyung-Tae Park
유상협, 정기채, 문희범, 이경훈, 박경태
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):325-333.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.325

The tensile fracture behavior of an Al-bearing TWIP steel was investigated by conducting a series of tensile tests on smooth and notched specimens with different notch geometries, focusing on the effects of evolution of the stress triaxiality and the effective strain during deformation. The flow curve and digital image correlation..... More

334 Preparation of W-Ni-Cu Alloy Powder by Hydrogen Reduction of Metal Oxides
금속산화물 분말의 수소환원에 의한 W-Ni-Cu 합금분말의 합성
Youn Ji Heo, Eui Seon Lee, Ji Won Choi, Jongmin Byun, Sung-Tag Oh
허연지, 이의선, 최지원, 변종민, 오승탁
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):334-339.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.334

The effect of powder processing on the microstructure and sinterability of the heavy alloy W-Ni-Cu was investigated. The heavy alloy powders were prepared by the ball milling and hydrogen reduction of metal oxide powders. As the milling time increased, the size of the powder mixture decreased and at 5 h..... More

351 Friction and Wear Behavior of Selective Laser Melted Ti6Al4V-Equine Bone Nanocomposites
선택적 레이저 용융 Ti6Al4V-Equine Bone 나노 복합재료의 마찰 및 마모 특성
Se-Hee Kim, Su-Hyun Bae, Sang-Bae Park, Hoon Seonwoo, Se-Eun Shin
김세희, 배수현, 박상배, 선우훈, 신세은
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):351-359.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.351

Ti6Al4V is commonly used in implants because of its excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility. While Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is typically used for strong biological bonding between Ti6Al4V implants and bone tissue, this study takes a different approach by incorporating Equine Bone (EB), which has a chemical structure similar to..... More

360 Thermo-Compression Sinter-Bonding in Air Using Cu Formate/Cu Particles Mixed During Reduction of Cu2O
Woo Lim Choi, Jong-Hyun Lee
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):360-366.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.360

A Cu-based paste containing Cu formate and Cu particles was prepared for the compressionassisted sinter-bonding of Cu-finished wide-bandgap power devices onto a Cu-finished substrate at a relatively low bonding temperature of 250 oC in air. A mixture of Cu formate and Cu particles was designed to mitigate the tremendous volume..... More

367 Microstructure, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of AlN-MgO Composites Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering
방전 플라즈마 소결법으로 제조된, AlN-MgO 소결체의 미세구조와 열적, 기계적 특성
Mohan Chen, Myungjin Jung, Jung-Won An, Seung Yong Shin, Yunhwi Park, Sunrae Kim, Su Yong Nam, Woo-Jae Lee, Se-Hun Kwon
모한첸, 정명진, 안정원, 신승용, 박윤휘, 김선래, 남수용, 이우재, 권세훈
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):367-376.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.367

AlN-MgO composites with different compositions were prepared by spark plasma sintering, and the effects of their composition on their microstructure, thermal properties, and mechanical properties were systemically investigated. MgO compositions in the AlN-MgO composites were controlled from 20 to 80 wt%. The results indicated that a phase transition did not..... More

377 Mg-Composition Dependent Cycle Stability in Zn1-xMgxO Li-ion Battery: Transition from Electronic Transport-Limited to Ionic Transport Limited Cycles
Byoungnam Park
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):377-384.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.377

This study explores Mg-composition dependent cycle stability in a Zn1-xMgxO Li-ion battery, where battery cycles transition from an electronic transport-limited to an ionic transport limited regime. We investigated the impact of Mg doping in Zn1-xMgxO nanocrystals on Li-ion battery performance, focusing on Mg compositions between x=0.05 and x=0.15. Mg composition..... More

385 Uniformity of Thermoelectric Properties of N-type Bi2Te3-ySey Bulky Compacts
Se-Hyeon Choi, Go-Eun Lee, Il-Ho Kim
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):385-392.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.385

Because n-type Bi2Te3-based materials exhibit lower thermoelectric performance than p-type materials and because their thermoelectric properties are sensitively changed by the composition and carrier concentration, optimizing these aspects in n-type materials is necessary to improve the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT). In this study, the thermoelectric performance of n-type Bi2Te3-based..... More

393 An Examination of Bronze Vessel Technology in the Unified Silla Period: Case Study on the Bronzes Excavated from Gwanbuk-ri Site in Buyeo
통일신라 청동용기류의 제작기술 고찰: 부여 관북리 백제유적 출토 유물을 중심으로
So Jin Kim, Woo Rin Han, Young Do Kim
김소진, 한우림, 김영도
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):393-401.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.393

Archaeological excavations in Buyeo had revealed Bronze vessels interred within a hole in the building at the Gwanbuk-ri site. These bronze vessels are dated to the Unified silla period (9-10th centuries). To identify the bronze vessels’ manufacturing technology, metallurgical analyses were carried out using Optical Microscopy, SEM-EDS and EPMA. The..... More

402 Effects of Superheating Treatment on the Microstructure, Tensile and Thermal Conductivity Properties of Fe-Bearing Al-10Si-Mg Casting Alloy
Fe 함유 Al-10Si-Mg 주조 합금의 미세조직, 인장 및 열전도도 특성에 미치는 과열 처리의 효과
Jin-Hyeok Jang, Tae-Hoon Kang, Kwang-jun Euh, Young-Hee Cho, Kee-Ahn Lee
장진혁, 강태훈, 어광준, 조영희, 이기안
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(5):402-410.   Published online 2024 May 5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.5.402

In this study, we designed and manufactured a new Fe-bearing Al-10Si-Mg casting alloy (F alloy) and investigated its microstructure, mechanical properties, and thermal conductivity. Two types of Fe-bearing Al-10Si-Mg alloys were used: the Conventional-F alloy, injected at 720 ℃ and cooled by water quenching, and the Superheated-F alloy, heated to..... More

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