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이중 전자전달층 페로브스카이트 태양전지의 ZrO2층 두께에 따른 물성 연구
이혜령 · 김광배 · 송오성*

Received 2019 Nov 1     Accepted 2019 Dec 4     Published online 2019 Dec 12
The photovoltaic properties of TiO2/ZrO2 double electron transport layered perovskite solar cells were investigated based on the ZrO2 layer thickness. Samples were fabricated with a glass/FTO/TiO2/ZrO2/ perovskite structure. The TiO2/ZrO2 layer thickness ratio was confirmed to be 264/0, 228/168, 288/204, 270/242, and 282/288 nm, respectively, using an electron probe microanalyzer.... More
나노-마이크로 패턴의 형성에 대한 기판의 표면 거칠기 영향
박태완1,† · 변명환3,† · 정현성1 · 박운익2,*

Received 2019 Oct 17     Accepted 2019 Nov 26     Published online 2019 Dec 12
Formation nano-/micro- patterns with high quality is one of the most important factors for the nanofabrication of high density electronic devices. However, there are remaining challenges to be resolved such as a low quality roughness, low pattern resolution, and complex process. In this study, we suggest a novel and simple... More
음이온 교환막 수전해에 사용되는 Cu0.72Co2.28O4 산소 발생 촉매의 합성 및 특성 분석
박성민1,2 · 장명제1,4 · 박유세1,2 · 정재엽1,2 · 정재훈1 · 이주영1 · 최민관1,2 · 노유성1 · 서민호3 · 김형주4,5 · 양주찬1,* · 김양도2,* · 최승목1,*

Received 2019 Oct 4     Accepted 2019 Nov 15     Published online 2019 Dec 12
In this study, we investigated the effect of the morphological, crystal structural, electronic structural, and electrocatalytic properties of inverse spinel structured copper cobalt oxide (Cu0.72Co2.28O4) catalysts. The materials were prepared by coprecipitation using various copper and cobalt precursors, and subsequent oxidation treatment. Electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and... More
고전류밀도에서 유기첨가제에 의한 구리 전착층의 전기적 특성 변화
우태규1,2 · 박일송3,*

Received 2019 Oct 4     Accepted 2019 Nov 22     Published online 2019 Dec 12
Using electroplating to produce copper foil has many economic advantages. In addition, the easiest way to manufacture electroplated copper foil with various properties is to add appropriate additives. This study evaluated the surface properties, mechanical and electrical properties of copper foil electroplated in electrolytes containing the leveler JGB (Janus Green... More
알칼리 가스에 의한 SiC 및 Si3N4의 침식 거동

Received 2019 Oct 4     Accepted 2019 Nov 15     Published online 2019 Dec 12
Studies of effective furnace cooling technology and refractory materials have extended the lifetime of a blast furnace to more than 15 years. On the other hand, the replacement of refractories in the blast furnace incurs considerable cost and time loss due to the problem of stopping the blast furnace operation.... More
레이저 가공 기반 사출 금형강의 선택적 표면 개질 연구: 레이저 나이트라이딩에 따른 AlN 형성 및 경화 거동

Received 2019 Jul 16     Accepted 2019 Oct 16     Published online 2019 Dec 12
Laser surface heat treatment and laser nitriding processes were applied using selective surface modification techniques to investigate phase transformation, microstructural evolution, and surface hardening behaviors for two types of plastic injection mold steels, AISI 1045 and P21. During laser surface heat treatment, a 245% hardness increase compared to that of... More
7003 알루미늄 합금의 기계적 성질 및 에너지 흡수능에 미치는 열처리 조건의 영향
김희주1,2 · 정제기1,2 · 김수현1,* · 임차용1 · 최윤석2,*

Received 2019 Oct 18     Accepted 2019 Dec 3     Published online 2019 Dec 12
The effect of heat treatment conditions on the mechanical properties and energy absorption capacity of 7003 (Al-6Zn-0.6Mg) aluminum alloy was studied. The extruded material was heat treated at various temperatures to prepare annealed or aged specimens. Tensile tests, hardness measurements, electron backscatter diffraction characterization, differential scanning calorimeter analyses were carried out... More
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